Saying farewell to a lifesaver.


Every so often a job comes along that reminds you why you're in this business. Mine came when, after 18 years of operation, the SouthCare Rescue Service finally closed its hangar doors, and asked us to help them say goodbye. 

There were a couple of ways we could have tackled this brief, but in the end we decided that a simple and heartfelt thank you — to everyone that had made the service possible over the years — was all that needed to be said. It's wasn't the biggest or most glamorous job; the video was only ever shown once at a small gathering of volunteers. But I love it dearly, and am grateful that I got to work on something that mattered so much to so many.


I was also lucky enough to partner with SouthCare on another video, sharing some of their incredible stories for the annual fundraising gala.