I'm Jarred!

I'm a writer, director, dreamer, doer & frequent whistler.

The story goes that when I was born, my dad held me up to the moon and told me to "Question Everything."

True or not (and much to the annoyance of almost everyone since) those words stuck. If I'm not talking your ear off about the newest big invention, you'll probably find me pondering a rainbow. Or staring at a strange bug. Or imagining what First Contact is gonna be like.

No, like, really. That last one is super important.

Point is: I love putting my mind towards solving problems, kinda struggle with taking no for an answer and am obsessed with creating, exploring and sharing big ideas. Luckily, that's exactly what I've been doing for—and with—clients for the last 5 years.

Also my colleagues once made a Twitter account for things I've said. So there's that.

Holla at me, or check out some of my previous work.




Jarred is currently a copywriter at the&Partnership in Vancouver. He holds a BA. in Advertising & Marketing Communication with majors in Media Production & Screenwriting.

Guest Speaker: 
University Of Canberra
Australian National University
Australian Business Week