Lead Game Design

User Experience Design


With just four weeks until the start of the Australian Ice-Hockey season, we teamed up with local team CBR BRAVE to create a Virtual Reality game.


Every man and his dog seems to be jumping on the VR bandwagon lately. And with good reason; when done well, VR can be a truly profound experience. Unfortunately, when it comes to branded content, that's rarely the case.

So when I convinced the Coordinate team to dive into the world of VR, I knew we needed to create an experience that was not only unique, but genuinely fun, exciting, and challenging. I wanted to make something that was—first and foremost—a video game. My role as lead game designer was to oversee the game's visual look and feel, develop its gameplay loops, and generally ensure we got a polished end product that was a blast to play again and again.

Somehow we pulled it off. The result was the first VR experience of its kind, for any brand, anywhere in Australia.

PuckStop was created in collaboration with Canberra developers Aberrant Realities. It is currently being developed for the Steam store and a version for mobile is in the planning stages.